I’m not sure if anyone still subscribes to my blog. If you do, hello.

I began this blog when I was doing a ton of soul-searching. I was fresh out of school. I was trying to find my place, my career, my love. I was living in Vancouver, where there is a culture that stimulates soul searching. I was living with friends and family, but no where that I would call a home of my own.

An update on the last few years…

Moving every 6 months. From Vancouver to Calgary to Toronto to Kelowna, soon to Kamloops, and with plenty of flights for work and personal pleasure in between.

Changing jobs. From self-employed/teacher/consultant, to one of the most ambitious and highly regarded consulting firms, to maternity leave, to a dream job at a winery, to who-knows-where next.

Building a family. From single and searching, to the love of my life, to our beautiful baby boy (the second love of my life), to a wedding celebration with our favourite 100 people, to our first home purchase.

And so much more.

It’s incredible how different a life can look in just three years.

I am tempted to say that my worldview has changed since I started this blog. It has certainly evolved, maybe even matured. But since I haven’t been writing much and expressing these thoughts externally (just with my own thoughts and journals), I am curious to see for myself how these views have evolved.

I’ve made a loose pledge to myself to write more. No themes (yet). Just writing. In an ideal world, it would be every day, however, I’ll be thrilled if it’s once a week. My family comes first before anything now, and I simply no longer feel guilt if I miss a post here and there because of that.

And with that, I’m off to a beautiful sunny Saturday in Kelowna, for farmer’s markets and bike shopping. Enjoy your day and see you around here soon.