This morning I was sipping on my homemade chai and looking out over my new rainy Vancouver view. I just moved into a tenth floor apartment with floor to ceiling windows looking North, East and South over the city. (And I’ve been in basement suites with no windows for five years now, so I’m allowing myself to be excited and brag a little!)

I just sat there watching the mass of cars driving back and forth over the Burrard and Granville bridges, the continuous flow of people crossing the streets, the constant movement of the city – things you don’t see from the basement… I was fascinated by the buzz.

And then I looked up and to the West, and became completely entranced by the contrast of the city and the mountains. Softened with the gray haze of the September rain, the backdrop just sat there. The mountains, the tankers in the bay, the highrises of downtown, the great trees of Stanley Park – they all just sat there.

It looked so peaceful, so relaxing – people weren’t rushing about trying to get to the next appointment – and I had this sudden urge to forget it all and just go sit on a rock in the forest and do nothing. I thought, how nice would it be to get away from this need to run about, go from project to project, make stuff happen, get more, make more, see more people, do more things, and rather, just sit there and watch the squirrels play and the leaves blow in the wind. (Ha, I know!)

Now, I’ve always been ridiculously impatience. I want a perfect world, I want to see change happen and I want it to happen now, and I’ve come across a lot of friction because of this impatience. Climbing the corporate ladder has never been my schtick and believe me, bureaucracy and I do not jive well!

But now, looking out from my new apartment, I finally get why and my urge to sit in the mountains quickly disappeared….

Over time, the tankers will move, the trees will grow, the tide will come in and out, the mountains will shift. And the same goes for these bureaucracies and ladder climbers – one day they might move – but my rate of movement is completely different than theirs.

If you want to move but feel like you need to put in your “time” so you can earn your ranks, if you’re impatient for change, or you feel like your potential is being ignored, please don’t slow down. Just as there is a stark contrast between the movement of the mountains and the city, there also exists contrast in the rate of movement amongst people and organizations. It’s all a matter of relativity.

We don’t have the lifespan of the mountains, so we don’t have the time to just sit there. We don’t have the time to waste waiting for other people to move or give us that next opportunity. If you are naturally a busy bee, then don’t let anyone slow you down. People say life is short, and how right they are. Realize your potential, dream big dreams, and make no compromises. Keep on moving and be your fabulous busy bee self.